Website Design for Lawyers and Law Firms

Many Internet marketing agencies provide just one component of Internet marketing. They might offer SEO or website design or analytics solutions for clients, but send you elsewhere when you need something beyond their single service. Unfortunately, when law firms rely on two or more companies for these services, it results in a broken process. The objectives of your Internet marketing campaign are not cohesive and there are often gaps in the process. Working with a single company to design your site, run your campaigns, and handle all aspects of your Internet marketing creates a seamless process from beginning to end. How does Search Ninjas help streamline the Internet marketing process? We specialize in designing and developing lawyer and law firm websites that are aesthetically pleasing and fully-optimized. Optimized sites are easily found by the search engines. Google, Bing, and Yahoo! all play a vital role in whether or not potential clients find your site. To have a successful online marketing plan, you MUST make these search engines happy. We give you a site that looks great, provides the information potential clients seek, and appeals to the Hummingbirds, Penguins, and Pandas that are responsible for whether these potential clients ever find your site. It’s a Zoo in Here! If you are unfamiliar with how Google and other search engines work, terms such as “penguin” and “hummingbird” might sound a little crazy. These are the names of recent updates to Google’s system and in each case, they had a significant impact on how sites ranked. The days of plastering a web page with a bunch of keywords related to your industry are long gone. For people to find your site, it must be high quality and feature the type of information potential clients need when choosing a law firm. Keywords are still important. However, they are only part of the elaborate mix of building a successful website and online marketing campaign. If you want your site to be an important part of your law firm’s marketing plan, it must feature all of the things a search engine wants. You need an Internet marketing company that feeds the “penguins” and “hummingbirds” and knows what to expect with each and every update. How we help your website rank high so your law firm’s business grows
  • Quality Content with a Development Strategy for the Future “Content is king” is not just a cliché. Successful websites feature informative content that helps you convert visitors into clients. Potential clients have questions and the content on your site should address these questions. Content must also be consistent and ongoing. Proper content management provides a user-friendly experience for potential clients and gives site visitors a reason to return to your site
  • On-Page Optimization to Appeal to the Nuts and Bolts of Search Engines On-page optimization strategy improves search engine rankings. Entertaining and informative content is important, but in order to truly rise to the top of the search engine rankings, the content must be optimized. We understand the optimization techniques that take your content to the next level.
  •  Website Development Strategies that Keep Your Site on the Cutting Edge We plan and implement a website development strategy that includes rolling out additional features over time. Websites are not static marketing tools. In order for your site to be successful, it must stay updated. We stay on top of the latest developments in Internet marketing and ensure your firm’s site is top-notch.
  • Analytics Solutions that Help You Analyze Your Traffic Having the best website in the world means nothing if you do not know what is working and what is not. Implementing and monitoring analytics solutions are important components in any Internet marketing plan. We carefully monitor what works from day to day and design a plan that implements the best possible strategies.
  •  Analysis of Your Calls to Action and Conversion Success In addition to analyzing your site’s traffic, we also make sure other tools are working. Are your visitors converting to clients? Are they following through after reading your content? We help you determine what works and how to continue the positive trends. Analyzing calls-to-action and conversion techniques helps you maximize your lead generation efforts.
  • Much More Do you want a website that provides a clear picture of your firm? Do you want your site to be the voice of your firm and establish you as an expert in your field? We can help.