SEO for plumbers

Generating phone calls and leads is vital to your plumbing business. One way to effectively improve your plumbing company’s online lead generation efforts is to focus on plumbing SEO. Once your business and website begin to appear in Google’s Local “snack pack”, potential customers will review your business information and, assuming they like your customer reviews, they’re very likely to call you directly from the Google Local search results.


Can SEO really help my plumbing business?

Yes, by improving your rankings on Google and other search engines, more potential customers will find you and contact you. Want an example? Just 2 months ago, we took on a one truck plumbing company here in Baltimore, MD. They were working with a previous plumbing SEO provider, but their past provider wasn’t doing much for the $1500/month they were charging. We redesigned their website, focusing on improving mobile experience and conversion during the website redesign. We also made sure all on-page SEO factors, such as meta descriptions, page titles, alt image tags, markup, and additional advanced SEO methods were optimized. Once the new website as launched, we noticed an almost immediate improvement in both search engine rankings, and phone calls. For the month of August, compared to the previous year, phone calls improved by 185%.SEO for plumbersThat was only 2 months after launching their redesigned website.

Why is Local SEO so important for plumbers

In previous times, search engine users would typically search for companies on Google, visit multiple websites, and make informed decisions based on the plumbing companies they research. However, search engine users in 2020 tend to search directly for their mobile phones, and when the Google Local “snack pack” results are shown to Google users, there’s a very good chance they will call those companies directly from their mobile phones.

This is how we generate more phone calls for plumbing companies, we focus on improving rankings organically for search engine terms such as:

“Best plumbing companies in (county)”

“(City) plumbers”

“(County) plumbers”

And other search terms, but we also focus on getting your plumbing company’s information in the increasingly important “Google Snackpack”

Here is an example of a Google Local “snack pack” listing for the search term “Baltimore SEO”:

SEO for plumbers

How do you improve local SEO rankings for plumbers?

For our new plumbing company client, we focused on improving mobile experience, in addition to website load times, and on-page SEO. We also made sure the client’s business information for both locations is listed on all important third-party citation sites, which Google Local pulls from when deciding which plumbing companies to rank in their local results.

We focused on optimizing the client’s website content to show Google they were the most trusted plumbing company in their area. We also implemented advanced local microformat markup to communicate to Google that the client does plumbing, services certain cities and counties in the Baltimore and Anne Arundel county areas. On a monthly basis, we continue to make improvements to the client’s website and overall SEO efforts, and thus far the client has been very happy with the results.

How much do you charge for plumber SEO services?

Typically, for a one truck plumbing company with 1 or 2 locations, we would charge $1000-$1200/month not including new content. We recommend website redesigns when we sign up new clients, but this isn’t mandatory. We typically like to discuss the needs of the client, how competitive their market is, how many trucks they have, and other variables before giving a price for our monthly plumbing SEO services.

If you’d like to find out how we can improve your plumber SEO efforts, get your business information into the Google Local “Snack Pack” results, and help you to generate more phone calls and leads through organic plumber SEO services, please fill out a contact form on our website, or call us directly at (410) 929-5610. We’d be happy to discuss your project and how we can work together to grow your plumbing business.