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Internet Marketing and SEO For Divorce Attorneys

Family law is competitive, whether the competition is derived online and on-location. You need exposure. You need leads. You need to set things in motion so that the latter two necessities come to you without much effort so you can do what you are meant to do: practice family law. Search engine optimization (SEO) for family law firms is part of the solution. Here is why SEO is important and effective and how to implement it so it works for you.

Why SEO for Family Law Firms

As mentioned, family law is competitive. Family law is also a volume-based business, i.e., you need more clients to produce the revenue you want as opposed to other practice areas, like personal injury where one case can bring in hundreds of thousands of dollars if not millions. As a family law practice, therefore, you need to approach your business from all marketing angles to generate more clients and that means using the internet.

But the internet is crowded just like the business of family law is crowded. You need to rank above the others — meaning when an attorney is searched online for your practice area and location, you appear on the first page of a search engine like Bing, Yahoo!, Google.

How to Get SEO to Work for You

SEO is a living creature, it grows and transforms as the internet grows and transforms. In order to get it to work for you, you need to understand it’s ever-changing dynamic. That said, there are some fundamentals to keep in mind and to get you started on the right path to success:

  • You need to know what keywords to use and then you need to use them strategically.
  • SEO keywords need to be used in both short-tail and long-tail formats to optimize searches. Short-tail refers to a keyword while long-tail refers to a keyword phrase. Short-tail results in higher volume and, thus, more exposure while long-tail results in more focused results and, thus, more conversions.
  • You need a marketing campaign that is general enough to allow for maximum coverage but localized to ensure the right people are finding you.

A comprehensive marketing campaign is the answer to getting SEO to work for you. How do you get it? You contact the experts on it.

Rise to the Top of the Search Engine Rankings

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We at Search Ninjas are experts in SEO and online marketing for lawyers. We have been doing this for over 10 years, working with law firms specifically. Not only have we been producing and implementing successful SEO and marketing plans for them, but we have keeping data to improve and develop better plans because like SEO itself, a marketing plan is a living thing that requires feedback and change according to that feedback.

We use our expertise and data to help family law practices throughout the United States benefit from online marketing. Areas of family law we have experience with include but are not limited to:

  • Divorce
  • Child Support
  • Child Custody
  • Third Party Custody
  • Paternity
  • Mediation
  • Father’s Rights
  • Post Decree Modifications
  • Postnuptial Agreements
  • Prenuptial Agreements
  • Property Division
  • Relocation
  • Same-Sex Legal Issues
  • and more…

Want to improve the visibility of your family law website? Want to generate and convert more leads? Want to improve your overall family law brand and practice? If so, fill out our online form or request a free local SEO audit of your website, and we’ll follow up with you shortly thereafter.