After You Write Your Blog: FIve Steps to Take After Creating Content

After You Write Your Blog: FIve Steps to Take After Creating Content

You have done something truly amazing: you have thought of a blog idea, written it, edited it, and published it on your law firm website. The blog is optimized. The blog has a great graphic. The blog is interesting. The blog is useful to your readers.

Now it’s time to kick back and relax, right?

Not so fast. When it comes to attorney blog posts, creating content is just the beginning of the work that can be done. If you actually want your blog to make an impact (and be worth your time, money and effort), you need to promote, repurpose, and build off of your blog in the days, weeks, and months after it is published. Where do you start? Here are just a few ideas:

  • Shout about your blog from the social media rooftops. Step One after creating a blog post should be to post about your blog on your social media websites. Although many people know how to link to their blog from Facebook and Twitter, fewer people utilize other sites. Write about your post on LinkedIn, repost it on Medium, and make a pull quote and post it on Instagram. Spread out your posts and don’t be afraid to link to your post more than once over a reasonable period of time.
  • Use your blog for parts. Once you have your basic content created, you should use it in as many different and creative ways as possible. Go through your post and look for great quotes or memorable lines. Take those lines and turn them into graphics, tweet them, or use them in emails, presentations, and advertisements.
  • Make your blog post into a series. It’s a great idea for search engine optimization and for your users to connect multiple posts into a larger series. Does your blog post raise a new question? Answer that question in a new blog post.
  • Combine blog posts into an ebook. Take a look at the posts you have written so far: do you see any themes emerging? Once you have a nice series of related blog posts (example: Common Questions About Trademark Law), thread them together is some transitional paragraphs, add an introduction and conclusion, and create an ebook to offer on your website or Amazon.
  • Turn your blog post into an infographic. Is your blog a list, or does it teach your reader how to do something? Lists and instructional blogs can be easily converted into infographics or a picture series. Not only does this create new content, but it creates content that appeals to different types of users.


Remember: these are just a handful of ideas related to reimaging, sharing, and repurposing your content. The possibilities are endless and law firms are breaking new ground every day when it comes to content marketing and content strategy. As long as you think of your blog posts as buildings blocks – blogs that can be taken apart or stacked together – you can build any number of structures.

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