Video SEO Basics for Attorneys & Law Firms

video seo for law firms

Video SEO Basics for Attorneys & Law Firms

Video content can do wonders for your online marketing efforts and SEO campaigns. It can also help you connect with an entirely new segment of users: those who prefer video and visual images above the written word. Even more importantly: video is becoming increasingly popular among web users and mobile users – and experts don’t see this trend slowing down any time soon.

However, it is important to understand that in order to take full advantage of video on your website, you have to do it right and with search engine optimization in mind. Below, we’ve listed some video SEO basics that can get you started down the right path.

  • Make your video high quality. Just any video won’t do, so forget about recording one on your phone without giving a thought to a script, lighting, and sound. Users will flock to well-made, informative videos that are clear and professional, but a bad video can hurt instead of help. It’s a lot like your written content: it’s not good enough just to post it, it has to be good!
  • Post your video on YouTube. YouTube is the social media website for videos – and having a YouTube channel is part of any good online marketing plan. Remember to optimize your video’s title and description. In addition, share a link to your video on your other social media accounts, including Facebook and Twitter.
  • Optimize the video’s page. One big mistake we often see is posting a video without doing any SEO work on the page. Give the page a great headline, be sure to include the content (perhaps including a transcript of the video), and add social buttons so that viewers can share what they’ve seen.
  • Make sure your video is relevant. Again, a video is pretty worthless unless it helps the user. Think long and hard about what your ideal client would like to watch that is related to your products or services. Here are a few good general ideas: answer frequently asked questions, introduce members of your staff, or give a tour of your building.
  • Consider the pros and cons of autoplay. Some websites benefit from having their videos play automatically when a user lands on their site. However, others find that autoplay annoys potential customers and causes a high bounce rate. When it comes to autoplay, you need to do your own research and decide whether it is right for your goals and your website.

 Video can be more intimidating than written content, but don’t let that stop you from exploring a medium that will bring your website to the next level. To learn more about video SEO, or to find out about website redesign, call The Search Ninjas today: (410) 929-5610.