Seven Steps to Getting More (And Better!) Online Lawyer Reviews

Seven Steps to Getting More (And Better!) Online Lawyer Reviews

A 2013 study conducted by BrightLocal found that 79 percent of people trusted online testimonials just as much as personal recommendations from friends and family. More importantly, 70 percent of respondants said that they look at online testimonials and reviews before they decide to try out a new business or make a purchase. Which brings us to these three very important questions:

What are your potential clients reading when they click on your attorney testimonials page on your website?

What are they seeing when they look at your reviews on Facebook, Google+, AVVO, LinkedIn, Yelp, and

What are you doing to make sure your happiest clients are spreading the word about your business?

When it comes to the last question, we are here to help. Below, find our seven best tips for securing positive review from your best clients.

  • Ask them! Name your best and favorite clients – chances are they enjoyed working with you, too. Take the time to contact these clients personally and individually and ask them to write you a review or send you a testimonial. You will be surprised how many people will take a few minutes out of their day to help when you take a few minutes out of your day to ask.
  • Remind them. Many people have probably had great experiences at your law office, but simply don’t think to write a review or testimonial. How can you remind them? Consider a simple sign in your office that asks happy customers to visit them on Facebook (or LinkedIn or AVVO) and leave a review. Consider a reminder in your monthly newsletter asking readers to share their thoughts online. Consider mentioning a review during your last phone call or exit interview with a client.
  • Follow up on thank you notes and phone calls. Receiving a thank you email or a kind word on the telephone can be the most rewarding part of being a lawyer. Whenever that happens, be sure to ask your client if you can share the email or if they are willing to take the time to write down their thoughts on Google Local or AVVO.
  • Create a Review Us page on your website. It takes time and motivation to go to an attorney review website, find the right law firm, and leave a review. It’s no wonder that not many people do so. By creating a “Review Us” page on your website, you can ensure that reviewing your firm on other sites is just one click away. Creating a page is simple: in the content, invite your past and current clients to share their experience. Next, supply buttons that will take them directly to your review page on the biggest and most important review sites.
  • Consider adding video testimonials. Not all testimonials are created equal. A large number of one-line reviews filled with grammatical errors (“your the best!”) are not as effective as one detailed review from someone who seems smart, articulate, and discriminating. Remember up above when we asked you to contact your best and favorite clients? Consider asking them to stop by your office for a video testimonial. Although these reviews can take a bit more time and effort on your part, the payoff may be well worth it.
  • Be wary of rewards. You may have read recently that a number of businesses have been penalized for offering rewards and perks in exchange for leaving positive online reviews and testimonials. In addition, you should realize that attorneys in many states are under a considerable amount of scrutiny when it comes to advertising and marketing strategies. Offering a reward for penning positive reviews may result in a large number of testimonials, but it is a technique that may very well backfire in the near future.
  • Run an exceptional law firm. We are only being a little fatuous here: the bottom line is that exceptional businesses draw a lot of attention over time, whether or not they are looking for glowing testimonials and stellar reviews. Companies like Zappos have proved that if your customer service is outstanding enough, your customers – and the media – will start enthusiastically marketing your products for you – and at no cost. It’s something to keep in mind as you search for your next great client testimonial.

If you are thinking, “I need more local web traffic and more clients before I need more online lawyer reviews,” don’t worry. We can help. Contact us today at 1-855-529-6465 or email us.