New Infographic: Local SEO 101 For Law Firms


New Infographic: Local SEO 101 For Law Firms

We’ve just designed our very first infographic- Local SEO 101 For Law Firms- which shows law firms and solo attorneys what is important when trying to improve rankings on Google+ Local for geo-based search terms.

Google+ Local (previously known as Google Places) is extremely important for law firms wishing to maintain a visible web presence, because the Google+ Local search results appear above the fold, and above the organic listings. Most Google+ Local search results are “blended results”, meaning that they are a combination of organic AND local listings.

A law firm which has a well-optimized website with a fair amount of authority, as well as certain Local ranking factors in place such as a number of positive reviews, a high number of quality citation sources, accurate data on their Google+ Local and citation source profiles, and a number of other Google+ Local ranking factors such as microformats and sitemaps will have a better chance of ranking well on Google and other search engines than a law firm without these pieces in place.

The infographic is below (note: after you click on the thumbnail, click on the “expand this image” icon on the top right for a full view of the infographic), and for law firms and attorneys who don’t have the time to perform monthly Google+ Local optimization on their own, or who simply want more data on their local SEO campaign, we also offer a free Local SEO audit.