Marketing Links for Lawyers: This Week’s Ninja Stars (8/4/2014)

Law firm SEO - Ninja Stars

Marketing Links for Lawyers: This Week’s Ninja Stars (8/4/2014)

This week we are looking at the big picture. All too often, we see small businesses and law firms getting caught up in little details, focusing on only one aspect of their marketing efforts, or obsessing over the latest trend. What’s really important is the overall effort: your long-term marketing plan, your central ideas, and your major strategies.


Where can you start? By reading the below articles that were posted around the web over the past week. More than a few big-picture ideas are covered, from what search engine optimization really means to how you should plan your entire social media strategy. Let’s get going:


  • The big picture of SEO. Almost 20 years after SEO was developed, Search Engine Land writer Jenny Halasz has taken an interesting look at the history of search engine optimization and what it means (and doesn’t mean) today. Especially if you are feeling down or confused about SEO techniques, this article might inspire you to get innovative or rethink your strategy.
  • Planning your social media strategy. Kevin Lee at the Buffer Blog has some in-depth tips about how you should be executing your social media strategy, from how to break down the phases of your planning to how you can test your results over time. This is an awesome post especially for those who aren’t sure if they have time to do their own social media marketing or for those who juggle a number of different responsibilities at work.
  • Turn your blog into a book. If you’ve been thinking about how to repurpose your best content, you might be interested in this article by author Niall Harbison. Harbison explains why it might be a good idea to weave your blog posts into a longform book as well as the exact steps you should take to do it right. Want to use your book for marketing purposes? Try offering a free copy to website visitors looking for more information.
  • Online marketing state roundup. TopRank Online Marketing Blog has a great summary of some of the year’s most intriguing social media and web marketing studies and statistics. For example, did you know that social sharing increased by another 30 percent just last quarter? Or that Facebook reported a 19 percent increase in daily users over the same quarter? Click on the link to learn more fascinating facts.
  • Balancing online and offline marketing. Kyle Lambert at SEER Interactive has a great post this week about how to balance and combine your offline and online marketing strategies – from mixing Twitter and television with radio and sponsored ads. This is a great read for anyone who understands that putting all of your marketing eggs in one basket isn’t making the smartest choice.


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