Marketing Links for Lawyers: This Week’s Ninja Stars (8/25/2014)

Marketing Links for Lawyers: This Week’s Ninja Stars (8/25/2014)

We have five great blog posts about SEO and web design for you this week – including two very interesting posts about Pintrest, the up-and-coming image-based social media website that is becoming more and more important in the social media marketing world.

Why might your small business be interested in marketing on Pintrest? For starters, the website has a very large and very active user base – mostly of women. In addition, it is one of the best places on the web to connect with users who prefer images over words.

Are you ready to find out how you might be able to use Pintrest to improve your business and reach new clients? Or do you want to read the other top news stories and blogs of the week? Let’s get started:

  • The Growing Importance of Pintrest. Hilary Feldman at SEER Interactive understands that you probably don’t need yet another social media website to worry about and update. But she also knows that being Pinterest-friendly is a really, really great way to engage users, beat the competition, and grow your business. In this post, she not only gives you some shocking numbers about Pinterest use, but also doles out tons of tips about how your small business can start taking advantage of the image-based social media platform.
  • Link Echoes and Link Ghosts. At Moz Blog, Rand Fishkin explains everything you need to know about link echoes – the phenomenon where your page rank is affected by links even after those links are removed. What can we learn from understanding link echoes? For one, getting a great link even on a website that quickly changes its content can be a great thing.
  • Engaging with Pintrest Users. At Small Business Trends, Annie Pilon takes a closer look at what users click on when they are browsing Pinterest boards. Some of the tips are easy to guess: users like lighter, taller images as opposed to small, dark images. But how could we know that users also love to click on images, with clearly listed prices and calls to action? Or that they’d rather not see human faces? For a full list of tips and statistics, read the full article by clicking above.
  • Make your Content More Sharable. These days, it is hard to get a significant number of readers without the help of social media and online sharing. But how do you write content that lends itself to sharing? At Buffer Blog, Garrett Moon has done the research and has the answers. Here’s one quick tip before you continue on to the article: headlines with high emotional value – headlines that have a human touch – are shared significantly more often than headlines that don’t cater to readers’ emotions.
  • Tour WordPress 4.0. Daniel Pataki at Smashing Magazine walks users through the new features included in the next WordPress update, from embedded previews to more intuitive post editing. This is a must-read for our many clients who use WordPress for their websites – get familiar with all of the new features and see how they could help you improve your website and improve your business.


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