Marketing Links for Lawyers: This Week’s Ninja Stars (7/28/2014)

Law firm SEO - Ninja Stars

Marketing Links for Lawyers: This Week’s Ninja Stars (7/28/2014)

How does your Google AdWords campaign look, and how have you changed and improved your search engine advertising strategy over the years? If you have had a fixed AdWords plan for years – and don’t analyze the results of your campaigns, you may be missing a lot of great opportunities to grow your business and connect with new clients. And if you don’t keep up with Google AdWords news, you may be miss out on new features, changing policies, and even important caveats.

This week, we are bringing you three recent news stories about search engine advertising that could help your own campaign, from a disturbing report about Google AdWords fraud to news about Bing’s advertising platform, Bing Ads.


  • A new and scary Google AdWords scam. There’s a new type of fraud in town – and this time it involves Google AdWords. According to a new Small Business Trends article by Joshua Sophy, your competitors may be paying a company to click on your Google Ads, depleting your budget and making room for their own ads to appear. The service, called “GoodGoogle,” could do more than just stop your ads from being seen by potential customers – it could also warp your advertising statistics (and therefore affect your future strategies). How will Google respond to these types of services? We aren’t yet sure.
  • Bing makes advertising easier. Bing Ads is rolling out a new look, and anyone familiar with Google AdWords will be familiar with it. Bing is trying to make advertising with Bing easier and more attractive – and that means making a site that provides many of the same features and tabs as the competition. For a closer look at the changes, click the link and read the full article by Ginny Marvin on Search Engine Land.
  • Understanding dynamic sitelinks. A second Search Engine Land article written by Ginny Marvin this week discusses a new ad snippet revealed by Google recently: dynamic sitelinks. These automatically-generated links appear below your ad copy and brings anyone who clicks to relevant content on your website. Although the sitelinks are free, Google has stressed that they control what the links say and where they lead – which makes some website owners nervous. Learn more by clicking above.
  • Finding awesome shareable content. The Buffer Blog’s Kevan Lee has a great longform post this week on analyzing and sharing useful content on the web. Learn 25 different ways to process tons of content, find what is relevant to you and your clients, and quickly discard what is not. One highlight is Buffer’s own new app, The Daily Buffer, which allows users to quickly sort through loads of content simply by swiping the screen left or right. Another highlight is BuzzSumo, which lists the most shared articles each day for certain keywords.
  • Beyond responsive design: creating mobile websites. At Smashing Magazine, author Maxamiliano Firtman explains that your mobile strategy can’t begin and end with designing a responsible website. While it’s great that your website resizes automatically to fit different screens, you have to think about the entire mobile user experience to truly embrace a future where most people will be looking at your website from their phones and tablets. For example, Firtman discusses the importance of load speed and how you can ensure that your website doesn’t take forever to appear on screen.

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