Marketing Links for Lawyers: This Week’s Ninja Stars (5/19/2014)

Law firm SEO - Ninja Stars

Marketing Links for Lawyers: This Week’s Ninja Stars (5/19/2014)

This week in our link list, we were inspired by a HubSpot blog post (it’s the first link listed down below) that was written about the basics of search engine optimization. While many marketers get swept up in the newest trends and tactics, it’s important to remember that what really works for SEO are the most enduring and simple ideas: people like useful information. Create content regularly. Answer common questions.

So, sit back and get ready to read a few great articles on evergreen online marketing techniques and SEO basics, from how to get more traffic to how to write a blog post.

  • Back to the basics of SEO.  This is a simple and straightforward “big picture” post by Rachel Goodman Moore about the most basic search engine optimization tactics – from how to find the right clients to how to increase web traffic. This is a great starting point for people new to SEO, but also a great review article for those who might be lost in a mire of new and trendy marketing techniques.
  • Growing your blog readership.  This is a basic question that we hear every day at The Search Ninjas: how do we grow our blog readership? There are a lot of great answers to this question, and a guest blogger at ProBlogger shares some of the most time-tested techniques and strategies. Remember: growing your blog happens slowly over time, one reader at a time.
  • Setting up a Google Analytics account. Every single business that cares about its marketing efforts should have a Google Analytics account, and yet a surprising number don’t have accounts or don’t have their accounts set up correctly. In this article from SEER Interactive, Brandon Wensing walks readers through the process with detail and patience.
  • Making things easy for users. Here’s the most basic of basic ideas: your website should make it easy for your user to get what he or she wants. At Smashing Magazine, writer Paul Boag discusses why it is so important to make your website user-friendly as well as a few things you should avoid to keep your users on your site. Yes, some of his points seem intuitive or obvious, yet we keep seeing these same design mistakes over and over again on websites we fix.
  • Solid linkbuilding tactics. The rules surrounding linkbuilding are always changing, but some strategies continue to endure. Cassie Gillett at Search Engine Land walks readers through five different and simple ways her business built links in the last month, from interviewing people at trade shows (and posting about them) to working with your PR team to get high-quality links from news sources. Chances are you can use at least one of her five ideas to improve your own linkbuilding campaign.


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