Marketing Links for Lawyers: This Week’s Ninja Stars (4/28/2014)

Law firm SEO - Ninja Stars

Marketing Links for Lawyers: This Week’s Ninja Stars (4/28/2014)

Lee Odden, notable social media and online marketing expert, shared an excerpt from his new book Optimize this week. The topic? How an online marketing audit can help your small business improve your strategies, save money, and ultimately get more clients. We especially like the article because it follows a fictional business owner, Tom, as he collection information for his audit, processes it, and analyzes.

What does a website audit do for you? According to Odden, it can help you create a roadmap for moving forward – and clear path to accomplishing your next goals. We found the post motivating and informative.

Also on our radars this week: a good lesson about linkbait from Seth Godin, a reminder about 2013 taxes, and a great video about social media marketing:

  • The benefits of an online marketing audit. Over at TopRank, Lee Odden explains how small businesses can benefit from an online marketing audit, from improving their search engine optimization to outlining a content strategy that will improve website traffic and conversions. Also learn the three major steps of a marketing audit: discovery, assessments, and recommendations.
  •  The trouble with linkbait. This week, Seth Godin makes a simple but important point on his blog: while formulas can be helpful, filling your website with formulaic blogs isn’t going to get you noticed or help you accomplish your goals. Avoid writing post after post that is written and optimized just so. It’s not only boring, but it’s also obvious to readers and detrimental to your long-term marketing plan.
  • Learn from your 2013 tax return. Yes, April 15 has passed, and you’d probably like to immediately forget about the headache that was your taxes. But Nellie Akalp at Small Business Trends recommends that you take a few moments to review your return before returning to business: are you expensing enough? Do you need a new system of documentation? Now is the time to come up a new system so that next year’s taxes are easier on you and your wallet.
  • How to compete against chains. The Reno Gazette-Journal has an interesting article, written by Mark Robison about how small businesses can find success even when surrounded by chains – and many of the points can be applied to small law firms trying to get business from larger strings of law offices in the area. At the heart of the solution? Build strong customer relationships and spend your marketing dollars intelligently.
  • A can’t miss video about social media marketing. Are you still unsure about whether your business should be investing in social media marketing? Watch this three-minute video by Socialnomics creator Erik Qualman and learn 19 mind-blowing statistics about the past, present, and future of social media marketing.

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