Marketing Links for Lawyers: This Week's Ninja Stars (3/24/2014)

Law firm SEO - Ninja Stars

Marketing Links for Lawyers: This Week’s Ninja Stars (3/24/2014)

This week’s links are all about fine-tuning your website, marketing plan, and SEO strategy. Say you have a great infographic but don’t know how to turn it into leads. Or say you have a blog established but don’t quite know how to increase readership. Or say you have a bunch of content, but don’t have it organized and working for the reader. The following articles can help you put all of the final pieces together. Let’s get started:

  • Turning Infographics into Leads. Diana Urban at HubSpot focuses on what is perhaps the most important thing to know about using infographics: how to turn a page view into a lead. It’s one thing to successfully create an interesting and useful infographic, but it’s another to keep your reader interested and get them to take the next step. Learn more by clicking the link and reading the full article.
  • How To Conduct a Content Audit. Is your content helping readers and buoying your marketing efforts, or it is confusing and overwhelming potential clients? Do you even know what content you have out in the universe and what purposes it serves? Anthony Gaenzel at the Content Marketing Institute explains how a thorough content audit can help you organize what you already have written and understand what steps you need to take next when it comes to content strategy.
  • A Closer Look at Bounce Exchange.  Larry Kim of WordStream reviews a new tool for reducing your website’s bounce rate, Bounce Exchange. During the review, learn more about what makes a user leave a site, what they do right before they navigate away, and how one company has figured out how to make some people stick around a bit longer.
  • What is the Real Purpose of your Website’s Blog? Ali Freezmen of SEER Interactive asked a vital question in a blog post this week: what are you trying to get out of your company blog? It’s a question that not enough people ask – and not enough people think about hard enough if they do ask it. If you blog “just to have one,” or “just for the SEO,” or “just because someone told you to,” you are doing it wrong. If you blog without a set of tactics, strategies, and goals in mind, you are doing it wrong, too! Read about how to do it right by reading the post in full.
  • Understanding Negative SEO. Forbes writer Jayson DeMers looks into the frightening world of negative SEO – when competitors build spammy links to your website in order to hurt your reputation with search engines like Google. Should you worry about negative SEO, and what should you do if you become a victim?

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