Marketing Links for Lawyers: This Week's Ninja Stars (3/17/2014)

Law firm SEO - Ninja Stars

Marketing Links for Lawyers: This Week’s Ninja Stars (3/17/2014)

The most interesting article we read this week doesn’t specifically have to do with website design, attorney marketing, or SEO practices – but it does have to do with every single decision you make related to making your business a successful one. Forbes contributor Any Morin wrote an article this week about the five stages that lead to real change, from precontemplation and contemplation to action and maintenance. Morin makes it clear: change doesn’t happen overnight, and change requires ongoing effort, energy, and resources.

Are you ready to make some important changes at your business or law firm? We have some great ideas, strategies, tools, and tips for you. Get started with a little reading: the best online marketing and SEO headlines from the last week:

  • Get the most out of business conferences. Business conferences can inspire, invigorate, and enlighten – but only if you approach them correctly, use your time wisely, and collect the best information there. In this blog post from the Top Rank blog, learn how you can successfully network, learn, and create at the next conference you attend. Also learn the importance of passing on your knowledge to colleagues when you return.
  • Creating subheads that work. You’ve probably read a lot about how to write enticing headlines that attract users and clicks. But you may not realize that subheads are what keep readers on the page and what organizes your information. At Copyblogger, Jerod Morris talks about how to write amazing subheads that will make your content better, harder working, and more useful. Listen to the podcast or read a transcript.
  • What Google’s search engine result page redesign means to you. At the Moz Blog, Dr. Peter J. Meyers discusses the recent Google SERPs redesign, including lots of screen shots of the changes and what it will mean for online marketers. Understanding how users respond to these designs can help you understand how to market and optimize your website and business.
  • How to respond to negative online reviews. Negative online reviews can be disastrous for your business – and in many cases, there isn’t any way to erase them. The next best step is to respond to the reviews with patience, helpfulness, and tact. It’s easier said than done. At SEER Interactive, blogger Kathryn Cudemo shares examples of good and bad review responses by business owners.
  • Local search study: understanding users. Local data and marketing platform provider Placeable has released new poll results that shed light on how users are engaging with local search. One of the most interesting findings? When online location information is wrong or driving directions are bad, users often blame the business itself. Read the article to gain even more insight.

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