Marketing Links for Lawyers: This Week's Ninja Stars (3/10/2014)

Law firm SEO - Ninja Stars

Marketing Links for Lawyers: This Week’s Ninja Stars (3/10/2014)

Sometimes as we compile the best online marketing and SEO news of the week, a pattern or theme naturally reveals itself. This week, three of the most interesting blog posts and articles we read were all about newsletters and email marketing.

Should you be investing marketing dollars on mass emails and regular newsletters? The answers depend heavily on what your business is, what you want to accomplish, and who your ideal client is. Below, begin to answer these questions by reading about the best practices for email marketing, how to create your first newsletter, and the future of email marketing.

  • 10 Things Your Need to Know About Email Marketing. On Buffer’s blog, Kevan Lee answers ten common questions about email marketing – with statistics, infographics, and plain old facts. What’s the best day of the week to send emails, and how can you grow your list of subscribers? How can you avoid spam filters? Get all of your answers in this detailed and straight-shooting blog post.
  • Creating a Newsletter, Step by Step. Do you have a newsletter, and if you do, is it benefiting your business as much as it could be? At HubSpot, blogger Ginny Soskey breaks down creating a killer newsletter into 11 manageable steps, from writing content, to choosing a successful subject line, to testing your email on different browsers.
  • Is This the End of Email Marketing? Business Week believes that newsletters and email marketing might be on their way out – and that custom content and social media marketing will replace them. Should you spend time on emails to current or potential clients? Or should you focus your efforts elsewhere? Read the story to learn more.
  • Beating the SEO Slog. Scott Clark of BuzzMaven Labs discusses a new problem for companies and organizations trying to optimize their websites: because SEO is getting more complex and advanced, it is taking longer and costing more. What can you do to better understand the “SEO slog,” and what can you do to get from slog to success? Six top online marketers and SEO analysts weigh in with their thoughts and ideas.
  • Destroying Duplicate Content. Duplicate content is bad for your users, bad for your search engine optimization, and bad for your soul. Well, maybe not the last one, but  we promise that duplicate content is still pretty bad. HubSpots’s Kieran Flanagan explains three different ways that you can search out and destroy redundant content on your website without going through your site by hand.

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