Marketing Links for Lawyers: This Week's Ninja Stars (2/24/2014)

Law firm SEO - Ninja Stars

Marketing Links for Lawyers: This Week’s Ninja Stars (2/24/2014)

This week during the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, the United States speed skating team bombed and many are blaming the surprising loss on the team’s new high-tech suits. Bill Conerly at Forbes argues that a complete lack of market testing is to blame for the catastrophe. Conerly also says that this issue is an all too common business mistake, and that every small business owner and entrepreneur can learn from the Sochi speed skating debacle.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the best online marketing articles of the week, many of which have to do with the importance of testing, leading, and learning, and trendsetting in the world of marketing and SEO:

  • Tackling Unlinked Mentions. Getting a good organic link from a worthy source is SEO gold. Unfortunately, those writing about your awesome business may not always link back to your website – or else the link is broken for one reason or another. In this SEER Interactive blog post by Sarah Gurbach, the author takes us step-by-step through finding and responding to these unlinked mentions. Not only can searching for these mentions help your link-building efforts, they can also lead you to new partnerships and projects.
  • Seven Great A/B Split Tests for your Homepage. One of the most important – and most often ignored – aspects of online marketing is testing your strategies. In this InBound Marketing blog post by Lauren Pedigo, learn seven great ways to test out what design elements will work best on your home page, from buttons to headlines to images.
  • The Difference Between Leading & Following. What’s the difference between trend setting and trend following in the world of marketing and branding? In this article for Forbes, Denise Lee Yohn explains how you can stop following the competition and instead be part of the advancing field. Start by scanning recent cultural developments, continue by listening to the community, and finish by successfully forecasting the future of marketing. Read the full article for the details.
  • Eight Content Curation Tools.  One of the best ways to connect with your social media fans and followers is through sharing relevant and interesting content throughout the day and week. But how do you find the best content to share? Monica Jade Romeri of Social Media Today shares eight helpful tools for fast and effective content curation and distribution.
  • 10 Local SEO Myths. This Search Engine Land article is a must-read for anyone with a local business (or with multiple offices or locations in one region) who wants to excel at local SEO. We hear clients referencing these myths every day at Search Ninjas, and we know that believing even one of them can seriously hurt the your success. Read this list. Commit this list to memory! Carve this list in stone!

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