Link Building For Local Law Firms

Link Building For Local Law Firms

Link Building is a very sensitive topic over the past few months after Google launched their Penguin 2.0 update. Questions like:

  • Should we be doing link building?
  • How much link building should we do?
  • Which links are good and which are bad?
  • How many links do we need per day, week, month?
  • and more…

Are commonly asked by our clients and prospective clients who are looking to gain an edge on competing local law firms, especially when it comes to improving a law firm’s search engine rankings for local terms that are city and state-specific.

Here are a few recent resources that talk about link building to improve local SEO:

The Best Link Building Strategy for Local SEO Is To Not Have One– An opinion by a guest contributor that content marketing and other non-link-related marketing tactics should be used instead of traditional link building methods like directory submissions, social bookmarking, reciprocal linking, etc. It makes me a little worried that his bio states that he was on the SEO advisory board for Findlaw, but he does make some interesting points in the post. However- we never recommend that you focus solely on guest blogging when implementing a content marketing strategy.

Small Business Linking in a Post-Panda, Post-Penguin World– Content is king, but many SEO’ers understand that links still matter in modern search engine ranking algorithms. Another guest post which claims that guest posting is the best available link building method, when used correctly.

How Do Small Businesses Grow Local Links?– An interesting post which covers some traditional link building methods like reaching out to local partners, launching sponsorships, and to “Get in the News”.

Conclusion- Links definitely still matter when it comes to improving local search engine rankings. How many links doesn’t matter as much as the quality of relevant links from other websites, and anchor text also still plays a part in how well your law firm’s website ranks on Google+ Local, Bing, and Yahoo!.