Lawyers, Want to Improve Your Local SEO? Take a NAP

Lawyers, Want to Improve Your Local SEO? Take a NAP

May 30, 2014

Some of the ways that you can improve your local SEO are extremely simple and yet very few business and law firms take advantage of them. There is perhaps no better example than how attorneys display and use their name, address, and phone number (NAP) online.

Your NAP is important for two very different reasons. The first reason is obvious: clearly displaying your contact information makes it easier for potential clients and website visitors to find you and take the next step. The second reason is not as well known: consistently displaying your NAP on the web is great for search engine optimization, especially when it comes to local search.

Here are a few general rules regarding NAP and local SEO:

  • Write your NAP consistently. Google wants to associate your business with a consistent address – and give you credit for appearing in local directories and other citations. If your name, address, and phone number isn’t consistent, Google has trouble associating your business with your location, and you lose clout.
  • Don’t display your NAP in an image. If your name, address, and phone number are embedded in an image on your website, search engine spiders can’t read and recognize it. If your NAP does appear in a graphic, make sure it is also written out somewhere on the page (such as at the bottom).
  • Put your NAP on every page. Some law offices make the mistake of only including their contact information on the home page and Contact Us page. It is a much smarter ideas, for both your users and the search engines, to have your contact information readily available on each page.
  • Get your NAP in online directories and local directories. Have you check to see if your business is listed in the most popular online directories? Have your claimed your listings and made sure they are accurate and thorough? High-quality directory listings can boost your SEO and help your potential clients find you.
  • Don’t use multiple phone numbers. Some law firms have dozens of phone numbers so that they can collect marketing data. While this can work in some cases, it can also hurt your local SEO. Search engines like to see only one or two phone numbers associated with a business. Also, make sure to list your phone number in the same format each time it appears.


After reading our tips, have you realized you’re a breaking an important NAP rule? Or do you simply want to improve your law firm’s local SEO? The Search Ninjas offer a free, no-obligation SEO audit. Call us today to schedule yours: (410) 929-5610.