How is Your Law Firm Ranking in Local Search? These Pages Will Improve Your Local SEO

How is Your Law Firm Ranking in Local Search? These Pages Will Improve Your Local SEO

Web traffic is a great thing – but what if it’s coming from all around the world instead of from where your ideal clients are located? It’s wonderful that someone from the Yukon surfed around on your website yesterday, but your law office is located in Miami and you can only practice law in Florida. Sure, your page got a hit, but how did you benefit? Are you spending marketing dollars to convince people thousands of miles away that you’re an awesome attorney?

If your law firm has a single location (or multiple locations in a small geographic area), it is vital that you don’t just blindly optimize your website for your practice areas and legal services. You need to focus on local search engine rankings and, even more importantly, local clients.

One of the best ways to make your website more friendly to local search engine spiders and potential local clients is through content. Adding a few pages of quality content naturally infused with local information is an inexpensive, effective, and easy way to beef up your local SEO. It’s a technique that kills two online marketing birds with one stone: you are improving your local SEO ranking and you are providing information that is helpful to people in your city and state.

Where do you begin when it comes to local SEO? We’ll get you started with ten ideas for organic local-friendly pages:


  1. Contact Us/Our Locations Page. Obviously, this information helps your readers connect with you. It’s also a great opportunity to use local keywords like city names and street names. Scour your contact info for typos and don’t forget to include detailed driving directions and an embedded map.
  2. Practice Area Pages. Creating separate pages for each of your practice areas helps potential clients find the information they need without overwhelming them. Make sure to include geographic locations in page titles, in headlines, and in the copy.
  3. About Us. This page is a huge opportunity to share your philosophy, mission, and history with your readers. It’s also an easy place to naturally add local content.
  4. Bios. Separately writing attorney profiles – as well as profiles of everyone else in your office – allows you to introduce your team personally and increases the chances of a potential client making contact.
  5. Testimonials. Reviews and testimonials carry a power with them that is hard to duplicate with plain old marketing content. Make sure to add locations when possible (for example, consider writing, “Joseph, Sioux Falls” at the end of each testimonial).
  6. Our Firm in the News. Share links to online articles and video clips from local media outlets. This establishes you as a local authority in your practice areas and is great for link building and local SEO.
  7. Case results. Depending on the marketing regulations in your state, writing about past cases can increase your credibility and authority. It also often involves organically writing about nearby locations and businesses.
  8. Photo gallery. Locals enjoy seeing familiar images like local landmarks and skylines juxtaposed with your team and your locations. It’s also great to include a picture of the exterior of your office and pictures of your team so that readers will be able to recognize them. Make sure to optimize all pictures and to include captions.
  9. FAQs. Frequently asked questions often help your readers get the information they need, and it is fast and easy to add this type of content to your website over time.
  10. Charity Work & Community. Sharing how you are giving back to your community helps personalize your firm. At the same time, it is a great way to build links and improve local SEO.

Does this list seem daunting – or do you have questions about local SEO and local content creation? Call The Search Ninjas at 855-529-6465 for help.