Harnessing the Marketing Power of Google Authorship

Harnessing the Marketing Power of Google Authorship

What truly gives a piece of content authority? The best answer is contained in the word authority itself: the author of the content. When you read a book, you are almost always aware of who the author is when you open to the first page. When you are on the internet, however, the author is often less clear. But in all cases, knowing the author changes how you feel about what you are reading. For example, would you rather read an article about child custody law written by a bitter single parent, by faceless content provider, or by a family law attorney with 20 years of experience?

When you produce content for your website, it is absolutely vital that your readers know the author of the material – and that the author is associated with positive attributes, like knowledge, success, and even likability. If the author of your content isn’t clear, you are missing the opportunity to:

1)    build your authority in your industry

2)    increase the confidence of your reader

3)    help your SEO goals

4)    and lend your content context and readability.

How can you be sure to link your best content with your personal pen? In many cases, Google Authorship can help.

What is Google Authorship?

Google Authorship is a tool that connects your Google+ profile with any content that you produce. It adds your picture and your name both to your article and to your organic search result listing. Basically, it ties who you are to what you write.

Google Authorship brings many of the benefits mentioned above (adding authority, increasing confidence, and creating context) while also offering a host of SEO benefits:

  • Search results with pictures are clicked more often.
  • More credible links are clicked more often.
  • Articles with verified authors fare better in search results.
  • Articles with Google Authorship ties are indexed more quickly.

Think about how the user experience is different when you are using Google Authorship: the user is immediately greeted by a professional, friendly picture of the author. He or she then clicks on the link and reads the article while feeling confident that it was produced by someone with knowledge and experience in the field. He or she then reads a short bio of the author, along with information about the author’s services.

By the time the user reaches a call to action, he or she feels familiar with you and your business, and feels great about contacting you.

I’m convinced – how do I set up Google Authorship?

Setting up Google Authorship is easy and absolutely worth the benefits that follow:

  • Get a Google+ profile if you do not have one already.
  • Make sure that you link your profile with your business and that you have a professional headshot.
  • Make sure that your Google+ profile is complete and professional.
  • Include a byline on your articles – and be careful that your byline matches your Google+ profile name exactly.
  • If you have an email address that matches your domain name, submit that address to Google’s Authorship page.
  • If your email address does not match your domain name, you can also manually link your content to your Google+ profile by following the steps on this Google Support page.

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