The Growing Importance of Implied Links & Citations

The Growing Importance of Implied Links & Citations

May 15, 2014

Earlier this week, Google officially patented its Panda algorithm – the complex process that helps the search engine giant rank internet sites. The patent paperwork reveals some information about Panda that we didn’t know until now, including one very new and very interesting SEO fact: implied links are key to a successful SEO plan and smart online marketing strategy.

What are implied links?

Implied links, also sometimes known as citations, are when your website, brand, or product is mentioned in online text, but not hyperlinked back to your website. For example, if your company or brand is mentioned in a blog post, a media item, or an internet forum, but it isn’t linked (that is, it isn’t highlighted and clickable), you have earned an implied link.

What does this mean for your marketing plan?

Now that we know that implied links are good for SEO, we can begin taking steps to get more high-quality implied links – and perhaps take some focus away from inbound links, which are slowly losing their importance. Here are some places to start:

  • Take off your link-building blinders. Many SEO experts are far too distracted by link building. From guest blogs to black hat marketing tactics, they will do anything for a hyperlink. However, Google has made it clear that they want to de-emphasize hyperlinks in coming years. This is as good a time as any to take a more balanced approach to your marketing efforts.
  • Get people talking about you! Getting implied links from reputable sources often means being in the news and being in the public eye. This is an important moment to make sure you are sending out press releases, making regular announcements, and being active in the community.
  • Embrace social media. This is yet another aspect of online marketing that can be aided by regular and creative social media updates and interactions. If you haven’t invested time and effort into your social media campaigns yet, now is the time. The time is ripe to come up with your own brand new strategies for getting implied links.
  • Always remember relevance and quality. Just like with inbound links, all implied links are not created equal. Getting implied links from well-trusted news sources is better than getting them from shady sites.
  • Don’t try to game the system. Whenever new information about Google’s algorithm comes out, a thousand marketers attempt to trick the system, cut corners, and develop black hat tactics to come out on top. Although these shortcuts and cheats might work for a few months or years, Google is always improving its system and punishing gamers. Cheating your way to implied links isn’t worth the risk.


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