Google Places: An Important Key to Awesome Local Marketing Online for Attorneys

Google Places: An Important Key to Awesome Local Marketing Online for Attorneys

May 1, 2014

Unlike businesses that mail products nationwide, law offices are often seeking local business – either within a metropolitan area or within a state or region. Because of the local nature of practicing law, focusing on local online marketing and local SEO are vital to finding nearby clients on the internet.

One of the very best ways to go local with your online marketing is to create a Google Places page for your business. Once you have created your page, what should you do next to optimize it? Here are some tips to get your started:

  • Fill out all possible text fields. Having a complete profile not only helps optimize your page, it also helps get users all of the information that they are looking for. Don’t stop after you’ve filled out required information, try to provide as much optional information as you can.
  • Triple-check your contact information. Make absolutely certain that your contact information (address, phone number, email address, etc.) is accurate and that it matches the information provided on your website. Having even slightly different information across the web can damage your local SEO and confuse users.
  • Collect reviews from your best clients. A mountain of studies has shown that consumers trust online reviews as much as they trust referral information from friends and family – and that they often base purchases on the content of reviews and testimonials. Don’t sit around and wait for clients to review your business. Ask your best clients to take a minute and write a review, and post a Rate Us page on your website.
  • Add diverse content. While adding photographs and videos to your Google Places business page doesn’t necessarily help optimize your page for search engines, it has been proven to appeal to users. Not only are users more likely to click on and stay on a page with various types of media – they are also more likely to find a type of media that appeals to them.
  • Spend time perfecting your copy. Remember: Google Places isn’t just another form to fill out and another online listing. It is also an opportunity to feature your services, highlight your reviews, and convince users that you are the best choice when compared to competitors. Take the extra time to write high-quality and effective descriptions. Also take the time to film high-quality video and take professional pictures.

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