Google My Business: New Features & Benefits

Google My Business: New Features & Benefits

July 3, 2014

Google has once again switched up how businesses can control their Google profile and local business page. But businesses that are tired of the platform and name changes over the years (Like Google Places and Google+ Local) should breath a sigh of relief: at least at this point, the new platform, Google My Business, seems like a useful and welcomed improvement.

What should you know about Google My Business, what do you need to do if you already have a Google Business profile, and what new features are being offered? Here’s all the information you need to know, from new features to old favorites:

  • Cleaner, more intuitive look. Google My Business simply seems easier to use and navigate – fixing a problem that many had with former Google local business profiles. Now, businesses can get tons of different things done all from one location and without much confusion.
  • Mobile Apps. Google My Business already has an Android mobile app available and an iOS app should also be coming soon. This means that business owners who want to update while on the go or on business trips can do so easily.
  • Insights page. Much like Facebook’s insights page, this new feature allows business owners to see how many people have viewed their page, how many clicks they have received, and how many new followers they have. This can help businesses measure how successful their profile is.
  • Reviews page. This page will be huge for many businesses, especially ones that benefit from consumer reviews. Not only does the reviews page summarize Google reviews, it also compiles other reviews from around the web, making it easier to see how happy clients are, to respond to negative reviews, and to measure the success of testimonial campaigns.
  • Easy status updates. Google My Business also gives business owners an easy place to share updates, images, news, and other important information, all from one place.


The biggest overall benefit of the new Google My Business is simply that everything is in one place: business owners can respond to reviews, make a quick status update, upload new pictures, and look at their user data all from one place. After a bit of uncertainty, it seems that Google’s business tools have taken a step in the right direction.

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