Get Involved in Your Community, Improve Your SEO

Get Involved in Your Community, Improve Your SEO

August 28, 2014

We realize it may not immediately make sense, but it is very true: getting involved in your community, in real life, can significantly improve your SEO, you website traffic, and your overall online marketing strategy. Even though hosting a charity event, throwing a party for your clients, or teaming up with local schools doesn’t seem to have anything to do with where your website shows up on Google, it really does.

How, exactly, does community involvement lead to better SEO?

  • You get more great backlinks. Your local event might be covered in the newspaper, mentioned on industry websites, or touted by non-profit organizations that you are benefiting. All of these sources have a lot of authority and will result in high-quality links.
  • You improve your social media following. Encourage people to “check-in” to your events on social media websites like Facebook and Four Square. Post pictures of the event of Instagram. Holding an event will result in at least a few more local followers – potential clients and people who will potentially share your links and spread the word.
  • You increase your number of online citations. A citation is when a website mentions your name, address, and phone number – even if they don’t link to your website. Being involved in a lot of local events means getting online citations every time someone promotes you, the event, and your business. Lots of citations increases your authority and your page rank.
  • You create opportunities for great content. Just because your community event happens in real life doesn’t mean it can’t be mentioned on the internet. Be sure to promote the event online and cover the event afterwards. Consider creating a hashtag for the event, taking pictures, and even life blogging it on Twitter. After the event is over, consider writing a longer blog post summarizing it or even posting a video with highlights.
  • You build your brand. Every time you hold a public event, you are solidifying your brand in the community and associating your brand with positive stuff: giving, participating, helping, caring, and having fun.
  • You build your following. Even if someone who attends your event is already a client – and even if they already follow you on Facebook – attending the event can solidify your relationship with them and make them a true fan and disciple of your business. Having strong relationships with past clients often means getting future referrals, getting more content shared online, and getting established as an authority in your field in the community.


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