How to Find a Web Designer for Your Law Firm Website

How to Find a Web Designer for Your Law Firm Website

June 12, 2014

Not every web designer is the right choice for every small business, and not every small business is right for every web designer. Making sure that you choose a great web design firm to renovate or create your website is vital – and so is knowing what you want out of the process. At The Search Ninjas, we want our potential clients to get the product that they want, whether or not we are the right web design provider for them.

Below, read six questions you should ask so that you can find the right designer for your law firm’s specific needs:

  • Do you design websites specifically for attorneys? There are thousands of awesome website design firms, but how many understand the unique needs of attorneys and law offices? Choosing a specialized design firm means choosing a team that really gets your profession.
  • Can I talk to a few references? Many people will choose a web design company after looking at example websites, but without talking to former customers. This is a big mistake for two reasons. First, there’s no way to confirm that the web company actually did the work they are showing you. Secondly, looking at the website doesn’t help you understand whether or not the process went smoothly – or whether it was on time and on budget.
  • Do you maintain your websites? Don’t start a new website project without first understanding whether the company will stick around to do maintenance, make improvements, and keep your site up to date. Some design companies never do maintenance work, while others only like to take on clients who will stick around. Also, always be sure to ask how much maintenance costs.
  • Do you provide a copywriter? When examining at bids, take a close look at what comes in the package. Many web designers don’t include copywriting in their package, leaving you to either write your own or hire a contractor.
  • What do you know about SEO? A beautiful, awesome website is not worth much if no one ever visits it. Be certain to ask your web design company how they optimize their websites for search engines like Google, along with the specific strategies they use. When it comes to SEO, law firm websites are extremely competitive – make sure you are setting yourself up for success.
  • Do you work for our competition? Since there are a small number of attorney web design companies, you might find that the people you hire are also promoting and helping your biggest competition. That’s a bad place to be. Make sure that the web design company you choose offers exclusivity: you will be the only client with your practice area and in your geographic area.


Your website is truly at the heart on your online marketing campaign. Choosing a specialized, experienced web design team means taking the first step in the right direction. Do you have questions for us, or would you like to request a free SEO Audit? Contact The Search Ninjas today: (410) 929-5610.