Creating City Landing Pages That Work For Search Engines & Clients

Creating City Landing Pages That Work For Search Engines & Clients

April 18, 2014

Many of the lawyers we work with are targeting multiple cities in a region or even have multiple offices scattered throughout a state. Although it can be challenging to optimize your attorney website for a large number of different cities, creating individual city landing pages can help both your local search engine rankings and your overall business.

What goes on a city landing page?

First, create a separate page for each city that you would like to target (try to keep the number reasonable – under a dozen or so). Next, organize those pages in a menu (you can label the menu “Locations” or “Areas We Serve” or “Cities We Serve” depending on where your offices are).

Now, one by one, add content to each page, making sure never to cut and paste duplicate content from one page to another. Remember: even though city landing pages are created primarily for local SEO services, you still need to make them unique, interesting, and helpful to your user.

Here are just a few ideas of what kind of content can live on your city landing pages:

  • Share a client story, case study, or case result from that city.
  • Share a testimonial from a client in that city.
  • Offer directions to your nearest office from that city.
  • Share special city ordinances and laws related to your practice areas (for example, a personal injury attorney could share dog bite laws and leash laws for each city, while a real estate attorney could share building ordinances and zoning laws for each city).
  • Share news stories related to your practice area.
  • Share your community involvement in that city, such as the baseball team you sponsor or the charitable auction you participate in.
  • Share court house locations in each city.
  • Share information that would be of special interest for each city. For example, if a city is a trucking hub and you are a personal injury attorney, focus some content on truck accidents.
  • Add helpful, quality external links to relevant pages, such as the official city page or newspaper.
  • Add helpful, quality internal links to pages you’ve written that mention the city, such as a news story or case result.

You may also wish to add carefully selected, relevant, and optimized photos, videos, and infographics, again keeping in mind both the city that you are writing about and the readers who will visit the page. As always, optimize your title, meta descriptions, and headings for your local keywords and phrases.

And before we go, here are a few important don’ts for city landing pages:

  • Don’t include duplicate content anywhere.
  • Don’t repeat the city name or other key words too many times (search engines will catch on and readers will be annoyed).
  • Don’t make dozens of city pages – focus on a few cities that you really want to attract business from.
  • Don’t include anything that isn’t useful to the reader!


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