Barnacle SEO: What Is It? And How Can Attorneys Use it to Promote Their Law Firm?

Barnacle SEO: What Is It? And How Can Attorneys Use it to Promote Their Law Firm?

June 19, 2014

Ahoy! With the recent innovations to Google’s search engine algorithm, the game has changed when it comes to search engine optimization. It’s harder to get your website to the top of the rankings without spending significant time, money and effort – and even then, many old SEO tricks simply don’t work as well any more. Especially for small businesses who don’t have the clout or the marketing budget to fight their way to the top, new strategies will be needed to attract clients to the front door.

Enter barnacle SEO – a relatively new type of local search engine optimization in which smaller sites attach themselves to larger sites in order to find success. Yep, much like a tiny barnacle on a great big ship.

But how exactly does barnacle SEO work? Here’s a three step guide:

  1. Find the big directories that best promote your business. For attorneys, this list might include Yelp, AVVO, Nolo, and Google+ Pages. Be sure and do your research so that you choose directories that rank highly and that attract your ideal client. For example, type your best keywords into Google and look at the sites on the first page related to a directory – chances are that several are from large directory and review websites. Focus on those sites!
  2. Claim your profile and fill it out thoroughly. Make sure all possible fields are filled in and that everything is accurate. Add pictures, videos, links, and any other relevant information that you can think of. Ask old clients to review your business on the websites. Treat these profiles with the same time and care that you treat your own website. Because these pages will rank highly and because they are attached to respected brands, they will be the first impression many people have of your business – and an important impression.
  3. Optimize your profile page in every way you can. Link to the page from your website and try to get links to the page from other sources as well. Encourage clients to visit and link to your directory page. Share the link on social media websites and promote it in as many ways that you can. Always respond to negative reviews and always keep your page up to date.


It’s that easy – and there are a bunch of other benefits to barnacle SEO besides ease. It doesn’t cost nearly as much as other local SEO strategies. And it isn’t particularly time-consuming. Finally, it seems to hold up even when faced with the new SEO challenges presented by the recent Penguin and Panda search engine updates. In fact, barnacle SEO seems to thrive in these new conditions.

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