6 Common Pay-Per-Click Mistakes Attorneys Make

6 Common Pay-Per-Click Mistakes Attorneys Make

April 26, 2014

In some cases, you can fix problems by throwing money at them. But when it comes to pay-per-click advertising, you can waste thousands of marketing dollars without getting the results you need or expect – and blindly adding to your PPC ad budget won’t make things much better. Far too often, we see attorneys and law firms putting money into their PPC campaigns, but not putting in enough effort, thought, or time.

Here are the six most common pay-per-click mistakes we see:

  • Forgetting to go local. Many law firms only serve specific regions or states, but their PPC ads don’t reflect this. The result? They are wasting money advertising to people who they can’t offer legal services to. When it comes to PPC, broader terms are usually not better.
  • Not conducting keyword research. What research did you conduct before creating your PPC campaign? If your answer is, “none,” you might need to rethink you plan. The more information you have about what ads will work, the more likely you will see your ideal clients visiting your website and walking through the door. Guessing at keywords and terms could increase your web traffic, but it won’t get your more great cases.
  • Not writing quality ads. When it comes to PPC advertising, every word counts. Even if you have found the right keywords, the audience won’t click unless they think they will go to an interesting, helpful, and accurate website. Take the time to write high-quality ads. Or, even better, hire someone who writes marketing copy for a living.
  • Doing exactly what the competition is doing. So many law firms look at the competitors’ pay-per-click campaigns and just write their own versions of the same copy. This is no way to stand out from the competition and no way to find clients that are right for your law firm specifically.
  • Directing everyone to your homepage. Your homepage shouldn’t be the only page on your website that welcomes new visitors. For attorneys advertising specific practice areas, send visitors to separate practice area landing pages. For example, if your PPC ad is for people looking for divorce attorneys, don’t send visitors to your more general homepage, which focuses on family law. Send them to your divorce practice area page, where they will immediately find the information they are looking for.
  • Not analyzing your results. Perhaps the biggest mistake you can make of them all is setting up a PPC campaign but never tracking your results. The only way you will get the most out of your ads is to track the results, analyze your ROI, and test different ads to see which strategies work best for your law office. Yes, it takes extra time and money to track your results. But tracking will save you money and help your business in the long run.

Are you making one or more of these mistakes? Never fear. At The Search Ninjas, we can help you fix all of these problems – and help you design a PPC campaign that will save you money, get you clients, and stay within your budget. To learn more, call us today: (410) 929-5610.