5 SEO Myths That Every Attorney Should Know

5 SEO Myths That Every Attorney Should Know

July 14, 2014

Search engine optimization is a crowded and quickly changing field. Lots of people are selling services, and these services range wildly in scope, complexity, and price. And unfortunately, for every competent, well-trained SEO expert, there are two so-called gurus who sell bad products and services – and who end up harming your business.

When you are shopping for SEO help for your attorney website, tread carefully if you hear any of these SEO myths during the sales pitch:

  • “I can get you to be #1 on Google!” This is simply an empty promise – and it’s an empty promise that reveals the SEO analysts lack of knowledge. First of all, Google’s algorithm is always changing, and recently there have been several large changes each year. Businesses that are #1 on Google today may not be tomorrow. Also, #1 on Google for which key words and phrases? It’s easy to be #1 for very specific terms. It’s harder to secure a high ranking for keywords your ideal clients use.
  • “SEO tricks can get you lots of traffic fast!” Yes, everyone is looking for fast, concrete results. But really great SEO usually doesn’t have instant returns. Because great SEO involves high-quality content, research, and testing (and more testing), your reward will come over a number of months and years, not days. Anyone promising more probably isn’t doing it right.
  • “Keywords are dead!” In the past, bad SEO experts would cram pages full of keywords, making the website’s content almost impossible to read. Now the pendulum has swung in the other direction, and some are declaring the days of keywords to be over. The real answer lies somewhere in the middle: obviously, users find your website by typing words into a search engine – and the words you use on your website matter. On the other hand, you shouldn’t focus as much attention on keywords as you do on the usefulness and quality of your content.
  • “We can buy your way to the top!” Be very, very wary of anyone who claims that they can help you quickly and easily – all they need is a lot of money. Almost all SEO schemes involving buying things (buying links, buying guest posts, buying testimonials) aren’t legitimate – and they could get you in big trouble with search engine companies down the road. Spend your money on content, ads, design, marketing campaigns, and SEO research, not shady SEO practices!
  • “You don’t need someone who knows your industry.” Don’t believe anyone who tells you that SEO is exactly the same for every type of business. They are just saying that so that they can get your business. SEO for a gourmet food store is going to be much, much different than the SEO for your law firm. Be sure to hire someone who has experience (and proven results) working with attorney websites.


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